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MyHBPBooks promotes reading by offering entertaining literature and products to children, teens, and adults featuring its signature reading, Debbie and Jamal, logo. It is home to the story “The Love of Debbie La’treck” and is named after its creator Habeeba Bekka Pasha.

Habeeba is a Special Education teacher for Chicago Public Schools. She holds an MA in Education and a BA in Psychology.  While working toward her advanced degree, writing offered a way to better convey her thoughts and served as an escape from school work. Her goal is to create entertaining literature that encourages students and adults to develop a passion for reading. While most of her books have a child or young adult as the main character, the themes, like parental involvement, making sound choices, and learning from mistakes  draw from topics adults hope to instill in their children.


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To see more of Habeeba’s work or to contact her, visit her at  Google+,, Goodreads, or at myhbpbooks@gmail. She also has a blog Rainy Days: Becoming Published where she talks about her experiences becoming published. It’s very funny especially the posts where she talks about Hootsuite and Little Richard.    

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Illustrator Paul Melecky

Paul Melecky, Habeeba’s illustrator, can be reached at

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Habeeba belongs to an amazing site for writers and readers. She has other works published on the site not found here such as, “The Death of a Child’s Heart Over Time,” “Blue and Brown Eyes, “and “Lie to Me.” The site is free and the stories and poems are most interesting.

She has also joined CBAN. Check out the site here:




Habeeba will be at the Books and Brunch Gala on March 17th. Come on out and meet her and other amazing authors. 




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