“The Love of Debbie La’treck”

The first in a series, is a humorous and dramatic tale of a young girl’s love for reading Gone Wild.”

Debbie, a voracious reader, begins to live vicariously through literary characters. Debbie’s mother, Vivian, grows concerned with her daughter’s behavior. Debbie has receded into a shell, blocking-out all reality, creating a world that blurs the line between real and make believe.  Vivian must now coax Debbie back into reality without taking away her daughter’s imaginative spirit. This engaging book explores the delicate balance parents may face when nurturing creative children.

This Story is For You if You…

  • Are about 9yrs/teen/adult (boys and girls)
  • Are a parent or an adult whose best intentions may have not led to the expected outcome
  • Have annoying siblings
  • Are interested in basketball
  • Love drama
  • Read Shakespeare
  • Have had your first crush
  • Ever thought about shipping your kid or someone else’s off far, far away…
  • Enjoy reading
  • Ready for an ending that will have you wondering…

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Meet Olivia. I can’t wait for her review…


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  1. This website is very nice. I can’t wait for The Love of Debbie La’treck to come out! Habeeba Pasha is a very talented writer.

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