I have legs that  allow me to catch my prey
For their lives never lasted long
Life sucked from their spirits by temper tantrums
After not having been fed compliments
Silk was not made
It was bought
By those who searched for me
They found nothing
How could they ask so much from me? -to value life.
Never upfront
I hide on pictures in attacks
in walls
Behind old dishes and curtains
Confrontations spoil my plans
So easy for me to web a weave of deceit, to hide, to hunt.
Fought for this. Fought for no feelings.
When I had some I wished death upon myself.
Lives are fed upon and spit out.
Through the years, I’ve tasted the sweet veins of pity
Is it my fault?
No one wants to hear that they will die in my arms.
I give them what they want.
To search me
To learn me
To love me
Walk blindly into my life.
Leave out lifeless.

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